Summer Series: Cellulite and Uneven Skin

Posted on Friday, 13 December 2013

'Summertime' (urban dictionary confirms that this is, in fact, a word) is a time we all look forward to after the dreary winter months. Stripping our layers of winter clothes and baring it all however, can be daunting. With summer now in full swing down-under (aussie land), I have come up with a series of posts relating to summer body issues, starting with cellulite and uneven skin texture.

Most often, cellulite is caused by diet or hormones.. which are both factors that are hard to control. I can't promise any sollutions to completely eliminate cellulite, but in this post I will share with you ways to minimise the appearance of cellulite and keep skin texture looking smooth.

Every part of your body on the outside, reflects the inside. If you are not treating your body right by eating healthily and living actively, you will not be able to get your body looking radiant on the outside.  Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated and glowing, while exercise stimulates your metabolism and blood circulation, which will help with a smoother skin texture.

Because cellulite forms in areas with the least circulation, dry body brushing is seen to be a way to minimise cellulite. The method of dry body brushing is becoming increasingly popular as it increases circulation by eliminating toxins and waste under the skin.

The method of dry body brushing requires you to brush your complete body, starting from the ankles, in upward circular motions towards the heart. Look for brushes with natural bristles that won't harm your skin (mine is from Priceline and was under $10). I like to do this each night before a bath. Frequent dry body brushing increases fat dispersion and so reduces the appearance of cellulite. I have seen a great difference in my skin since using this technique daily.

Exfoliating (the method of removing dead skin cells) is an essential step to radiant, smooth and healthy looking skin. There are a variety of scrubs (a product used to exfoliate) on the market, with a variety of prices. Scrubs usually contain many active ingredients which promise to reduce the appearances of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, varicose vains, eczema and acne.. all while hydrating and toning (look out for a review on the Frank Coconut & Grapeseed scrub soon).

There are also many 'cellulite fighting' lotions & potions on our cosmetics counters, all promising great results. Although I cannot vouch for any of these products, I do own one such product received in a beauty box. I have used the Bio Elixia Body Shaper for a while now, and although I can't say I have seen amazing results from this product alone, I do believe it can be beneficial if used in conjunction with the above mentioned. The cellulite contour creme promises visibly smoother, firmer and more moisturised skin through increased skin absorption.

So let's all brush up and bare those pins, look out for the second part of the series in which I will be discussing waxing (including details of what it's like to wax 'down there').