Daily Skincare Essentials

Posted on Monday, 13 January 2014

 An absolute pet peeve of mine is seeing beautiful girls not taking care of their skin. I have a friend who never takes her make up off before bed (she even wears the same make up the whole next day after a night out), she also (wait for it) .. washes her face with a bar of soap!! GASSSP

Taking good care of your skin is vital. Many girls think they can cover bad skin with make up, but your skin is like your canvas, and whether you have healthy glowing skin or dry blotchy skin, it will show through your make up.

In the evening I like to start by removing the excess of my make up with Bioderma (a French skincare brand make up remover that is very gentle on the skin), if I am feeling lazy or in a rush I'll use make up removing wipes. In the shower I wash my face with Cetaphil, a very gentle, soapless cleanser ideal for people with sensitive or allergy prone skin. Twice a week, or when my skin feels like it needs a good cleanse, I like to exfoliate with a face scrub. I am currently using the green tea scrub by St Ives which is a good consistency and smells amazing.

Once out of the shower I like to apply a serum. I sometimes tone my skin with Witch Hazel, but to be honest, it is a step I often skip, as I haven't notice a difference in my skin when using it. On a day to day basis Hydraluron is my pick of serums, however some nights I like to apply Argan Oil to my face. As an oil, it does leave some oily residue on the skin, however the next day you are left with radiant, glowing and soft skin. Serum is a vital step to skincare, one I did not use for a long time. I definitely notice changes in my skin since using a serum as it really absorbs into the skin and hydrates beneath the skin. Once my serum has been absorbed, I apply a face moisturiser. In summer I like to use a light moisturiser as it gets so hot and humid where I live, so for now the Palmers Daily Facial Lotion for sensitive skin does the job.

We can't all be skincare freaks (anyone else get as excited as I do simply being in the supermarket toiletries isle), but it is really important to look after our skin, it is in fact the body's largest organ!

From top left: Swisspers Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes / Bioderma Crealine H2O / Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser /  Hydraluron Serum / Palmers Daily Calming Facial Lotion / Swisse Argan Face Oil / St Ives Green Tea Facial Scrub


Posted on Tuesday, 7 January 2014