Beauty heaven SEPHORA arrives in Queensland!

Posted on Monday, 18 July 2016

Queensland beauty lovers are in for a treat as SEPHORA opens its doors at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.   

The wait is over, US beauty-mecca SEPHORA has finally arrived in Queensland. And while it's still over an hour's drive for Brisbane locals, it is worth the trip! If you are a beauty lover like me, walking into a SEPHORA store is like being a kid in a toy store... I didn't know where to look - it was equally amazing and overwhelming. 

The Broadbeach store opened on Friday, July 15th and the lineup of excited shoppers (a few arrived at midnight in anticipation) proved SEPHORA's success in Australia. This event marked the opening of SEPHORA's fourth Australian store and it was quite a celebration. There were thousands of beauty enthusiasts lined-up ahead of the midday opening with a live DJ and fun activities.

There are amazing brands on offer at SEPHORA Pacific Fair; everything from makeup and skincare to haircare and beauty tools. The most exciting part is having an array of International brands, which are usually hard to get ahold of in Australia, all in one place. Although I was on a budget, I picked up a few beauty products I have been dying to try - expect reviews soon!

Grab your girls (or boyfriend) and make a trip out of visiting SEPHORA, and the other luxury stores Pacific Fair has on offer - you won't regret it! 

My current beauty and lifestyle favourites

Posted on Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What better way to get back into the beauty reviews than with a 'favourites' post! Here is a collection of products that I have been absolutely loving over the past few months.

Previously I've always gravitated towards foundations that are dewy, light and natural looking. I shied away from anything claiming to be full coverage, that was until I came across the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. I love how natural (non-cakey) the finish of this foundation looks whilst still providing great coverage. Too Faced have a wide range of shades so there is a colour to suit regardless of whether you need cool or warm toned foundation. I often struggle to find a foundation that is yellow based, so this is a winner for me.

When it comes to adorning my fingertips, I go through phases of either loving colour or sticking to neutrals. As you can see from my next favourite, the latter is currently winning. The Sally Hansen nail polish in Brown Rose has been my go to recently as it suits any outfit or occasion.

I have one new addition to my skincare regime; the Waterlily Marine Collagen Eye Infusion. I love so many of Waterlily's products but this eye gel stands out because it is amazing at depuffing. I love that the texture is a gel rather than cream as it creates a really soothing effect.

Makeup wise I recently changed up my eyebrow routine and put my beloved Brow Wiz aside to try out some brow products from Poni Cosmetics. I've found their brow powder in shade No. 2 Palomino to be a perfect colour match and sometimes it's nice to have a powder on hand for a more precise finish. The Too Faced Perfect Lips liner is your answer to a Kylie Jenner pout in one product. This liner makes it so easy to create a fuller look without that obviously overdrawn lip.

Finally, not beauty related but worth a mention none the less is Melissa Ambrosini's book Mastering Your Mean Girl. I might do a full book review soon but for now, all I will say is that it is a non-bullshit guide to getting your life back in order and a must-read!

Let me know what are some of your current favourite things in the comments.

7 Small ways to find your happiness

Posted on Monday, 27 June 2016

You know what I've learnt about life recently? It's hard. Just when you get comfortable and think that you are in control, life throws you off your high horse.  Suddenly you feel lost... you doubt who you are and everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Another thing I've learnt, that I'm slowly coming to terms with, is that it's okay to not have your life all figured out. This doesn't make it any easier of course, and you will have to work to get back on your feet.

The following are little things you can do which will eventually help you once again, find your happiness.

Indulge in routine
Make time every day for the simple things you love. For me this would be enjoying a cup of tea while reflecting on my day, taking my pup for a walk or indulging in my skincare pamper routine... Whatever gives you that satisfied feeling.

Be alone
I don't know about you but as much as I like "me time", I often struggle doing things by myself. As a society we are so self aware, constantly worrying what other people think about us, that we forget that it's completely normal to take time for yourself. Take yourself out to lunch or go on a solo-adventure and learn enjoy your own company.

Let go
Once you've hit rock bottom it means that nothing in your life was working out as it was meant to. Those toxic friendships, the unfulfilling job, your ego... Let go of it all. From this you will gain humility and be able to more clearly navigate your life forward.

Just cry
Sometimes when it all gets too much, it's okay to allow yourself to cry it out.

Do something for someone else
With no expectation, and don't brag about it, just let it be your thing.

Get active
While dragging yourself out of bed each morning and into the gym might be a daunting thought, you will feel so much better after a workout. Get those endorphins pumping!

The 10 commandments of dating a beauty junkie

Posted on Thursday, 23 June 2016

As a self confessed beauty addict I will admit, I have some habits that some might consider strange. The following are 10 things all men should know when dating a girl that is overly obsessed with beauty.
1. Never question why we need “another pink lipstick”.
Unless you want to hear all about the various undertones in lipstick colours and the difference between a matte, cream or liquid formula... Yeah we didn't think so.

2. Accept that all international travel plans will include multiple stops at stores like Sephora, Ulta or French pharmacies.
No, all makeup is not the same. No we can’t get this back home.

3. We won’t give up, so just join our pamper nights.
Whether we want to share our face masks with you or pluck your eyebrows, you will eventually submit to being well groomed (and you'll be better for it!).

4. Travelling with hand luggage only is out of the question!
Most countries have restrictions on the amount of liquids you can carry onto the plane, and there is no way we are going to risk losing our stash at the security gates.

5. Buying a product just because our favourite YouTuber recommended it is totally acceptable.
If Amelia (yes, we are on first name terms) says we need it then we totally do!

6. Similarly, buying a product solely because of its pretty or unique packaging is a necessity.
We’re building a collection here okay...

7. Never comment about our skincare routine being excessive.
If you do, we will lecture you about the importance of double cleansing, exfoliating, serums, oils and the many more steps.

8. Makeup is an art, and we’d appreciate it if you appreciate it!
Want to make us weak at the knees? Just comment on how even our winged liner is!

9. We can easily spend a whole Sunday holed up in bed watching YouTube tutorials and reading beauty blogs.
Don’t judge our browser history!

10. If we ever move in together, you are taking on our beauty collection too.
Just like you don’t want to part with that weird soccer poster, there is no way we are reducing our beauty stash - deal with it.

*This post was originally published on and is written by Frances van Eeden.

The big update: Where have I been?

Posted on Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hello beauties! It’s been a while…

That’s a slight understatement. It has been almost a year since my last post here on Oniochalasia. Within that time so much has happened; I have graduated from University and worked as a Digital Editor for a fashion media brand. Now it’s time for a change and I have decided to return to the wonderful world of blogging.

If you’re new to this space, Oniochalasia means shopping as a form of mental relaxation; a fitting name for a creative outlet where I share my latest beauty obsessions and style finds. There’s even more good things to come to Oniochalasia; along with the beauty reviews I will also be sharing more lifestyle and dating ramblings.

Stay tuned for all exciting things to come and let me know in the comments if there are topics you would like me to cover! Bye for now lovely!

Too Faced Love Flush Blush Review

Posted on Sunday, 13 September 2015

There were some seriously exciting releases at Mecca last month, including the Too Faced Love Flush Long Lasting 16-Hour Blush. I first fell in love with the shade I Will Always Love You when I saw Kathleen from KathleenLights using it in a YouTube tutorial. Peachy-pink blushes provide a really beautiful flush on the cheeks - it is definitely my go-to shade for Summer. 

The Too Faced Love Flush Blush claims to be long wearing, fade-proof and smudge proof. On the usual I have a hard time getting blush to wear well on my face. I'm not convinced about the 16-hour lasting power of this blush but it does look on the skin throughout the day. The blush is very pigmented with a beautiful sheen but no chunky glitter. This blush smells great... Random, I know but I had to smell it because the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer smells delicious! 

The packaging is really cute too - if I am paying more for a product I expect either unique- or great quality packaging. The blush retails at AU$38.00 for 6 grams and is available from Mecca. 

Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush in I Will Always Love You

Guilty of Being a Makeup Geek

Posted on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I definitely consider myself a makeup fiend, but it is not until recently that I have been more regularly using eyeshadows. Purely for research purposes of course, I have been purchasing and playing around with more eyeshadows across a range of prices.  One brand that delivers, both in affordability and quality, are the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. These shadows are renowned for being comparable in quality to MAC but at a fraction of the cost. 

What really drew me to Makeup Geek, is that you can customise the shades in your palette. I have been wanting an eyeshadow palette dedicated to warm shades. All the Makeup Geek shades I bought have a red/orange undertone with a matte finish (which don't really make sense and the palette is definitely calling out for a few shimmery shades).

The individual eyeshadows retail at US$5.99 for 1.8 grams (as far as I know MAC pans are 1.5 grams). The eyeshadows are purchased individually, therefore you will need to purchase some sort of palette to house your shadows. I purchased the small Z Palette for US$14.99. This palette can hold up to nine shadows, although for my first order I only bought six shades to try. These include;

(from left to right in the swatch image)
Cocoa Bear - Matte Red-Brown Shade
Frappe - Matte Maple-Brown
Chickadee - Matte Orange
Preppy - Matte Khaki-Brown
Creme Brulee - Soft Matte Sandy-Red
Peach Smoothie - Soft Matte Peach-Beige

The quality of these shadows are really good considering the price. Although a little chalky, each shade blends well, doesn't cause fallout and lasts really well throughout the day when used with a primer. I think it's time I complete this palette with some shimmers. What are your favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadows?

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturiser Review

Posted on Sunday, 16 August 2015

I am constantly on the look-out for facial moisturisers to keep my easily-irritated skin under control. I have been using the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturiser for nearly two months now and I am finally ready to share my thoughts with you.

Being on a student budget, I wouldn't easily drop $70 on a product without doing my research. Kate Somerville skincare products have a good reputation with some of the beauty YouTubers whose opinion I trust. So I reluctantly handed my credit card over at Mecca, in the hopes that this will be an amazing product.

Firstly, let's talk about the packaging. I love the semi-transparent purple colour and the sturdy plastic. The 50ml product takes up a lot of space on my dresser but I don't mind too much about it. To dispense the product, you press down on the surface and the liquid pumps out of an opening in the centre (better explained by the second image). 

The moisturiser itself is suitable for sensitive or intolerant skin types for both AM and PM use. The goat milk cream is meant to moisturise deeply without clogging pores, while soothing the skin. The formula is more liquid and runny than I expected, it works best when applied in thin layers (half a pump at a time is best). The moisturiser does leave a residue and can look 'oily' for a while. However I use this under foundation daily and it works fine. Recently I have had severe dry patches and irritations on my face, and this moisturiser has been the best product I have found to help soothe my skin. 
For anyone sensitive to  smell, this moisturiser is not for you. It does have a very strong scent, which according to my boyfriend 'stinks', but I have grown used to the smell and it doesn't bother me. 

I use this moisturiser both in the morning and evening, I would highly recommend trying a sample from Mecca Maxima. Even at $70, this is a product I will repurchase. What other Kate Somerville products have you tried that is worth the $$$?

10 YouTube and Blog Accounts To Follow

Posted on Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bloglovin is a fantastic platform where you can collate posts of all your favourite blogs and websites. It makes it really easy to keep up-to-date with the blogs you enjoy, plus you do not have to be a blogger to create an account. 
Once you have your Bloglovin account, make sure to follow Oniochalasia by clicking here, or the Bloglovin icon on the left. To help you get through the last two working days of the week, I wanted to share my top five beauty bloggers and vloggers (YouTubers). 

Based in London, Lily is one of my top YouTubers as she is really down-to-earth and relatable. I adore her monthly makeup menu's!

Also based in London and good friends with Lily. Anna is really fun to watch with such a happy demeanour. My favourite videos from Anna are probably her vlogs but I honestly love all Anna's videos.

Estee is a seriously funny, Canadian girl living in London. She posts amazing YouTube reviews and routines. But my favourite videos are the vlogs which feature her boyfriend, Aslan and greyhound, Reggie. 

I am seriously envious of Amelia's luscious locks! Amelia's YouTube channel offers a bit of everything; luxe life in London, beauty, food, travel and fashion. 

Suzie is from Brighton in the UK and makes amazing vlog videos. Suzie is such a classy girl and I love any of the videos she create; be it tutorials, reviews or routines. 

Kathleen is a Miami girl pretty much a mini J-Lo. Her tutorials are the best I've watched. Her eyeshadow is always amazing, I wish I could do my makeup as well as she can.

This blog was established by Sarah, but has grown a lot recently. The website now has a few bloggers writing for it. I love how quickly content is put up and the in-depth reviews. The photos are beautiful. P.S Sarah has the CUTEST french bulldog, often featured on her Instagram.

UK-based, Sammi is such a genuine person and is lovely to watch. She has great style and the cutest puppies!

This Sydney based blog is not necessarily beauty focused but a must-read. Miss P shares her dating-, friend- and food-related experiences in a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque manner. Witty, funny and smart!

I love the beauty section of this website, especially the 'Pricey vs Priceline' tag that compares beauty products from different price ranges. 

There are so many more amazing bloggers and YouTubers, but these are my ten current favourite people to watch/read. Let me know who you love!

August Beauty Wishlist

Posted on Sunday, 9 August 2015

Beauty WIshlist

There are so many beauty products that I am dying to try this month! Hopefully my tax money will allow a bit of beauty-spending. The Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Colour in Naked Bronze is #1 on my list, with the YSL Blur Perfector a close second, thanks to Lily Pebbles. 

Since before its release in Australia I have wanted to try the Clinique Color Pop range. The lipstick formula is perfect for the spring weather and the blushes look to be really long-lasting. Getting a sample of the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation is also high on my priority list once my skin irritation clears up. After recently trying Clarins products for the first time I am loving the brand, I am lusting after the Instant Light lip perfectors and soon-to-be-released lip balm perfectors. Finally, I am on the hunt for my perfect summer base and really want to try the Shiseido Liquid Foundation with high UV protection.