10 YouTube and Blog Accounts To Follow

Posted on Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bloglovin is a fantastic platform where you can collate posts of all your favourite blogs and websites. It makes it really easy to keep up-to-date with the blogs you enjoy, plus you do not have to be a blogger to create an account. 
Once you have your Bloglovin account, make sure to follow Oniochalasia by clicking here, or the Bloglovin icon on the left. To help you get through the last two working days of the week, I wanted to share my top five beauty bloggers and vloggers (YouTubers). 

Based in London, Lily is one of my top YouTubers as she is really down-to-earth and relatable. I adore her monthly makeup menu's!

Also based in London and good friends with Lily. Anna is really fun to watch with such a happy demeanour. My favourite videos from Anna are probably her vlogs but I honestly love all Anna's videos.

Estee is a seriously funny, Canadian girl living in London. She posts amazing YouTube reviews and routines. But my favourite videos are the vlogs which feature her boyfriend, Aslan and greyhound, Reggie. 

I am seriously envious of Amelia's luscious locks! Amelia's YouTube channel offers a bit of everything; luxe life in London, beauty, food, travel and fashion. 

Suzie is from Brighton in the UK and makes amazing vlog videos. Suzie is such a classy girl and I love any of the videos she create; be it tutorials, reviews or routines. 

Kathleen is a Miami girl pretty much a mini J-Lo. Her tutorials are the best I've watched. Her eyeshadow is always amazing, I wish I could do my makeup as well as she can.

This blog was established by Sarah, but has grown a lot recently. The website now has a few bloggers writing for it. I love how quickly content is put up and the in-depth reviews. The photos are beautiful. P.S Sarah has the CUTEST french bulldog, often featured on her Instagram.

UK-based, Sammi is such a genuine person and is lovely to watch. She has great style and the cutest puppies!

This Sydney based blog is not necessarily beauty focused but a must-read. Miss P shares her dating-, friend- and food-related experiences in a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque manner. Witty, funny and smart!

I love the beauty section of this website, especially the 'Pricey vs Priceline' tag that compares beauty products from different price ranges. 

There are so many more amazing bloggers and YouTubers, but these are my ten current favourite people to watch/read. Let me know who you love!

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