7 Small ways to find your happiness

Posted on Monday, 27 June 2016

You know what I've learnt about life recently? It's hard. Just when you get comfortable and think that you are in control, life throws you off your high horse.  Suddenly you feel lost... you doubt who you are and everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Another thing I've learnt, that I'm slowly coming to terms with, is that it's okay to not have your life all figured out. This doesn't make it any easier of course, and you will have to work to get back on your feet.

The following are little things you can do which will eventually help you once again, find your happiness.

Indulge in routine
Make time every day for the simple things you love. For me this would be enjoying a cup of tea while reflecting on my day, taking my pup for a walk or indulging in my skincare pamper routine... Whatever gives you that satisfied feeling.

Be alone
I don't know about you but as much as I like "me time", I often struggle doing things by myself. As a society we are so self aware, constantly worrying what other people think about us, that we forget that it's completely normal to take time for yourself. Take yourself out to lunch or go on a solo-adventure and learn enjoy your own company.

Let go
Once you've hit rock bottom it means that nothing in your life was working out as it was meant to. Those toxic friendships, the unfulfilling job, your ego... Let go of it all. From this you will gain humility and be able to more clearly navigate your life forward.

Just cry
Sometimes when it all gets too much, it's okay to allow yourself to cry it out.

Do something for someone else
With no expectation, and don't brag about it, just let it be your thing.

Get active
While dragging yourself out of bed each morning and into the gym might be a daunting thought, you will feel so much better after a workout. Get those endorphins pumping!

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