Home Made Almond Butter Recipe

Posted on Sunday, 28 April 2013

I've been stalking 'healthy lifestyle' Instagram accounts and I have been seeing almond butter everywhere! Therefore I decided to try and make some at home. I've also received my April Lust Have It! last Monday but I am unsure whether I am going to do a post, because I am so disappointed about it, seriously thinking of cancelling. But back to almond butter:

Almond butter is like peanut butter except made with almonds. I decided to make it myself because it is quite expensive if you buy it in store and it's so easy to make! PLUS you know its 100% pure almonds, no added preservatives.

I just used a small packet of almonds, but they didn't make much butter, so I would advise buying a bulk pack. You can use as much almonds as you want, there aren't specific measurements. You can use either raw or toasted almonds it doesn't really matter, during the processing the almonds get really hot and I read in another post that if you use raw almonds, they'd be cooked by the time you're done. Put the almonds in the food processor and start processing.

After about a minute or two the almonds will be finely chopped and look like the picture above. Now all you have to do is keep processing. Be sure to scrape the nuts that stick on the sides down so it all gets processed.

I didn't get a photo of the next step, but basically as the natural oil starts to come out of the almonds, the processed pieces start sticking together and become lumpy. This happened for me after about 10 minutes, so don't give up if you think it's failing. It then required another 5 minutes + until the lumps started becoming a smooth paste. At this point you still want to keep processing to reach a really creamy consistency. You can add some salt to bring out the flavour of the nuts.

Above is a picture of the finished almond butter. You can add honey or vanilla or whatever else your creative mind can think of. Almond butter can be used in recipes, or as a snacks. Ideas for snacks include on rice crackers, or with apple slices.

P.S if you think you aren't coming right - just keep processing it takes a lot of patience!

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