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Posted on Wednesday, 20 August 2014

When I go shopping, I almost always leave with some sort of body wash. I think I tell myself it doesn't count as 'shopping' because soap is an essential. Today I am going to show you guys the body-related contents of my shower.
I am cheating a bit because the very first product isn't actually used inside the shower - it's a body brush. In short - dry body brushing is a form of exfoliating, read more here. I like to do this when I remember on a regular basis before my nightly shower. The second 'tool' I couldn't go without is this exfoliating mitt - there is a rough side for your body and a softer side I use to wash my face. Both these items can be found at Priceline.
On the topic of exfoliating, I will start with body scrubs. Chances are by now you will know all about Frank body scrub and its benefits, however I do have a post reviewing it here. I am nearly out and decided I will be repurchasing Frank. Another product that I am nearly out of, Radox Revive shower gel. This gel has micro exfoliating beads, and smells so zingy and fresh - perfect for an early morning 'wake me up' shower. The Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub is a must have item which I have already repurchased- it is the perfect pre-tan scrub as it doesn't leave any residue on the skin. The newest addition to the shower is the Palmolive Coconut Scrub, which I bought purely based on the scent (I am a bit coco for coconuts right now). So far I really enjoy it as it is exfoliating, yet still moisturising.
As you can see with my shower gel, there is a very recurring scent (and colour) - pink berries! The I Love… body wash is my favourite, and sadly discontinued at Target (so if anyone knows where else to find this brand?). It smells good enough to eat! Plus the smell lingers on your skin, my boyfriend always comments after I've used this in the shower. A close second to the I Love… gel is the Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry shower gel. This smells like a milkshake, but sadly doesn't linger on the skin. At under $3 it is a winner though! The last one, although pink too, has a bit of a different scent. The Radox Uplifting shower gel is great for when you need… well to be uplifted. With grapefruit and basil, it is such a fresh, zingy scent.
This last product I have, I've only used once but I wanted to mention it anyway. I think it is quite a great idea for for summer. This Nivea In-Shower Conditioner is like a moisturiser you use in the shower. It leaves your skin soft and moisturised, without that lotion residue. As I said, perfect for the humid summer heat!

And thats the body related contents of my shower, maybe I'll do some haircare soon!

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