Tips For Living A Happier Life

Posted on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Most of us go through phases in life of being in a slump; it could be something big (like a job loss or break-up) causing you to feel like this, or it could be something small you cannot pin-point. I wanted to share a few things which have helped me when I have felt a bit… meh.

Time is whizzing by! Lately I've felt like there just is not enough hours in a day and days in a week to get everything done. I have so many books and magazines I want to read, new places I want to visit and things I want to get done. A large factor in this lack of time, comes from my addiction to social media. I admit, I am a total #instaaddict. I easily spend waste hours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter a day. Not to mention the time I spend on emails and online shopping. One thing I am trying to work on is to switch off all technology an hour before I go to sleep (haven't yet achieved this), and spend this time doing something I don't otherwise have time for, like finally reading that GIRLBOSS book.

Leading on from #1, is getting enough sleep. I often go to bed after midnight because I spend so much time on my computer. I am one of those people, however, that cannot function on less than eight hours sleep, so I end up wanting to sleep in or sleep through my alarm. Something that always makes me sleep better is exercise...

I have a serious love/hate relationship with exercise... I'm either really into it and go to the gym nearly every day, or I'll go weeks without wanting going to the gym (currently I'm stuck in the latter). One thing I can say for sure is that I feel SO MUCH BETTER (physically and mentally) when I exercise on a regular basis. I'm no professional but I do know that exercise (or getting your heart rate up) releases endorphins, which in turn makes you feel happier. I suffer from irritable bowl syndrome (TMI?), and I can also feel the positive effect that regular exercise has on my metabolism. I hate to say it, because I love nothing more than a sleep in and I am no morning person, but an early workout is really the best way to start your day!

You know that friend, the one that constantly puts you and your accomplishments down, I'm 99% sure you thought of a specific person. If you did, then you really need to end that friendship right now. Getting older, I have learnt that you really do not owe anyone, except yourself, anything. If someone is having a negative effect on your life, then no matter how hard it can be to 'break ties', you will be better off without them. 

When was the last time you did something completely 'selfish', without feeling guilty. We all need have some sort of hobby (even if it is shopping), during which we can enjoy some down time. You could do something creative like an art class, or indulge yourself with a spa treatment. 
If you cannot afford to do anything that indulgent, even just taking time to make yourself a cup of tea and having a LUSH bath with a magazine can help.

I hope there was something here you could take away from this post. Please share your own tips for leading a more positive life below!
  1. Hi Frances! Great post! I go tech free from 9pm every night (bedtime is normally around 10-10:30) It is hard to start with, but once you master it, its really beneficial! I even put my phone on the charge out in the kitchen, instead of beside my bed, so I'm not wasting time every morning before I even get out of bed!!
    Mel x

    1. That's a great tip - I'd probably have withdrawal symptoms I'm way too addicted to my phone. Baby steps haha!

  2. I think I need to go tech free at night time. My phone rules my life D: Great post Frances <3

    Kate |

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